The dream #2 is coming true…

This blog has been abandoned for the last 2 years. Yes, 2 years!!! Luckily I still feel like I’m in my early twenties, so I’m not going to blame myself for not writing anything up!

But before I fill you in on what I’m up to these days, here’s a quick recap of the last 24 months….

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Lost city of Mrauk U

The Kingdom of Mrauk U

The Kingdom of Mrauk U (source: Wikipedia)

So far we have been taking Burma quite easy, travelling to ‘typical backpacking destinations’, not rushing but spending quite few chilled days in each location (I guess a year of backpacking it’s taking its toll!). But going to Mrauk U was completely opposite and made us travel off the beaten path making this part of our Burmeese adventure even more exciting.

What makes Mrauk U so special is the city remote location. Close to Bangladesh and hidden between the mountains with extremely poor road infrastructure it’s not yet popular among travellers. Our journey from Bagan took us in total over 24 hours, which was prolonged by few emergency stops due to the torrentiral rainfall on the way to Magwe and then a 9 hour stop over in  Magwe where we waited for the bus to Mrauk U. This second part of the trip costed $33 per person, which almost gave me a heart attack when it came to paying for the bus ticket. Being the last people getting on the bus we were given non reclining seats and a sleepless night ahead. Tried as hell I was not a happy lady but I suppose this is the price one needs to pay. Continue reading

Terracotta Army, Longmen caves and Kung Fu fighting

Kung Fu practice at Shaoiln Temple

Kung Fu practice at Shaoiln Temple

It felt like in our first 7 days in China we have been travelling at the speed of light. After returning from national parks we spent few days in Changsha, trying not to spend too much money (damn China is expensive!!!) and ‘socialising’ at local TV presenter birthday party Jamie got us invited to. It was quite a random night, as back home I would never imagine rocking up to a strangers party, especially birthday one, but here no one really minds. As long as you are a foreign firend of a friend who has a friend who knows the host’s friend your presence will be welcomed and recorded on countless photographs and videos taken sneakily from neighbouring tables. Surprisingly for such a VIP party with a live music, speeches and plenty of food, the celebrations ended just before 10pm. But I suppose an early night was in our favour. The following day our alarms went off at 5am and few hours later we took off to Xi’an, a ancient city most famous for nearby Terracotta Warriors. Continue reading

Rice paddies, buffaloes and the dead. Welcome to Tana Toraja!

Burial caves in Tana Toraja

Burial caves in Tana Toraja

I was excited about our arrival in Tana Toraja for some time. After reading countless papers on this part of Sulawesi, my old love for anthropology had heated up again. It were the green rice paddies, beautifully craved houses and rice barns, ceremonies of life and death had brought us here to discover what the land of Tana Toraja has got to offer.

As soon as we found accommodation in Rantepao (major city in the area), filled our empty stomachs with coconut porridge and refreshed with hot showers, we started to enquire about a funeral, one of the main reasons for our visit in Toraja. With good timing, and turning up just after the rain season ended we were spoilt for choice. Funerals in Toraja, being seasonal events, start late May lasting throughout the summer months and the day before we arrived a celebrations had begun in a nearby village. So just after 2 hours we arrived in Rantapao, at 9am we were on our way to the funeral. Together with Johnny, a local guide and with a german couple, Oliver and Jojo (met in our guesthouse), we were taken for a journey into very unfamiliar but yet exciting local traditions and customs. Continue reading

Five months on the road and counting!

Hello from Indonesia, another country on our list!

Hello from Indonesia, another country on our list!

It’s hard to believe that we have been travelling for over 5 months. The dream we were once dreaming became the reality we are now living and although not every day on the road is perfect,  I do feel blessed being given this amazing opportunity to travel. Today I’m going to celebrate our journey by sharing with you the numbers and the best moments from the last 5 months. So here we go! Continue reading

Hanging out with locals at Temerloh



Last few days we spent in Temerloh was fun. It was a rather random choice for a stopover, but all we wanted was a town that was cheap with no tourist attractions and no hustle. Temerloh is only 1.5 hours away from KL and we decided to make it our base, hoping to catch up on our blogs and do a bit more planning before we depart for Indonesia. Little did we know, being the only tourists in town became a local attraction in its own right. Continue reading