Overnight train journey from Yangon to Bagan

Landscape of Bagan

Landscape of Bagan

This slow, extremely bumpy and at times uncomfortable journey will leave you wandering at what point your head will hit the ceiling but with the trains being integral part of burmese infrastructure this experience should not be missed. Only recently, in April 2014 the government decided to make the ticket prices for foreigners equal to the local making traveling by train more affordable for the backpackers pocket. Although for some reasons most reviews on the Internet suggest making Yangon- Bagan journey on a bus, mainly because it’s more comfortable and faster, I would go against their advise and not think twice. Do it by the train! Continue reading


Hong Kong on the go!

Hong Kong at night

Hong Kong at night

We arrived in Hong Kong after a bumpy flight from the Philippines and as soon as we stepped out of the plane we were literally on the go. Our main priority was to get Chinese and Myanmar visas sorted but with weekend quickly approaching (we arrived on Thursday) and our train to China booked for Sunday night our schedule was tight, as never before. The plan for the next two days was to get to Myanmar embassy before 12pm on the day we arrived, drop off passports, pick these up first thing in the morning on the following day and rush to an agency for our Chinese visa. Surely this could have been done in 24 hours! Continue reading

10 things that make backpacking easier

Not much of an adventurous post this will be but for anyone craving some information on our survival during travels, here is the list of the ten top things that made it easier.

1. No pre booked flights

No deadlines. No need to rush and flexibility to change our plans as we go. On few occasions we visited places we didn’t have on our list and we could do so because there was no set plan to our travels.

Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Buddha! Attending Vesak Day at Borobudur temple in Java

Closing ceremony

Closing ceremony

We are lucky! I think tomorrow we are going to celebrate Buddha’s birthday, I said to Tim as we were sitting on the train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. We were on our way to see one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world and so it happened that Vesak Day (celebration of the birth, enlightenment and passing of Buddha) fallen on the day we planned to visit Borobudur. It would have been a first local celebration we managed to plot into our travels, and we both started looking forward to it with excitement. After doing some research on the exact date of the Vesak day the information I found was a bit confusing, so I emailed Borobudur to authorities (info@borobudurpark.co.in) and got provided with some extra details about the day. For me, the less organised half in this relationship, it was an achievement. I knew what was happening and I knew where we were going…Unfortunately this feeling didn’t last long. Continue reading

Getting from Lake Toba to Berastagi

Tim waving down our boat

Tim waving down our boat

Today we left Tuk Tuk and made our way to Berastagi, where we will probably spend few days climbing volcanoes and visiting local villages.

When I researched directions I couldn’t find much information on how to get to Berastagi from Tuk Tuk, so here’s a quick post on how to do it. Continue reading

I’d have a better chance sleeping on a rollar coaster

By the end of this week we are leaving Melaka and catching a ferry over to Sumarta…I’m really excited as I feel like I need to get close with the nature again. But if you don’t hear from me next week…this is why 😉

Beautiful Things

My first impression of Indonesia was… (I wrote this very shortly after arriving in Dumai from a 2-hour ferry from Melaka, Malaysia)

 ”Indonesia no terrorist” is what the man said to me when I told him I was American. I’ve been in Indonesia for half an hour and I love it. Dumai is dirty, it reminds me of India. I know how to do this, it doesn’t scare me. I met two polish girls on the boat from Malaysia, they were going to to go elsewhere but they changed their minds and are now going to lake toba with me. This is easy enough to do solo, but it doesn’t hurt to have company. I just ate the best meal in awhile and it was under $1.50. I wish I could tell you what I ate but I honestly have no idea. I’m excited to be back in this kind…

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