Five months on the road and counting!

Hello from Indonesia, another country on our list!

Hello from Indonesia, another country on our list!

It’s hard to believe that we have been travelling for over 5 months. The dream we were once dreaming became the reality we are now living and although not every day on the road is perfect,  I do feel blessed being given this amazing opportunity to travel. Today I’m going to celebrate our journey by sharing with you the numbers and the best moments from the last 5 months. So here we go!

The numbers!

  • 8 – Number of countries visited:

Australia,  New Zealand, Singapore,  Cambodia, Thailand,  Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar (visa runs count too)

  • <56 – Number of various methods of transport we took

8 Planes , 7 trains, 26 buses, 11 boats, 3 cars, 3 motorbikes and number of tuk tuk’s, inner city trains and buses.

  • 46 – Number of stamps in our passports
  • >6- Number of annoying backpackers we met (including a guy who insisted that elephant riding was awesome!!!)
  • 14- Number of lovely people we met during our travels and we are keeping in touch with!
  • 1 – Number of times I wore a sleeping bag as an outfit

New Zealand,  especially the South Island, caught us by surprise. We were camping and few times the temperature at night dropped as low as zero degrees.  To warm myself up,  I once walked around my in sleeping bad. As you do!


My super cosy sleeping bag

  • 33 – Number of souvenirs we bought

When it comes to souvenirs we tend to flashpack.  Everything we bought has been sent to UK or Poland or dumped onto our friends who kindly took it home. I must say that thinking about arranging all these things in our new home (wherever it will be) is makes me feel a wee home sick.

  • 4 – Number of electrical items broken

Mobile phone-  fallen out of my pocket as I was running away from evil flies in Australia

Kindle- not sure what happen there but Kindle should not be kept in a main luggage.  Result cracked screen.

Nikon camera- well this is a biggie. Sometimes admiring the nature can go against you. To cut the story short my beloved camera rolled down to the magnificent lake Miriam in New Zealand

Galaxy tablet- left in a tent in a got trodden on.

  • 1 – Number of cyclones we drove through

In New Zeland we met up with our friend Timbo, who happen to be back home from his backpacking trip in Asia. We traveled together for few days and the day we drove towards Cormandel Peninsula, happened to be a windy one.  When it got dark we decided to drive up the peninsula hoping to find a spot to camp, but before we found somewhere safe to stop off we almost got blown off the road. Broken trees, power lines crashing down and sirens going off resulted in sleeping in a car in a relatively safe (considering circumstances) car park by the rugby field.

  • 1 – Number of times we almost stolen someone’s car

Another incident involving us two and Timbo. After a nice dinner in Auckland we jumped into his nan’s car only to discover, after staring the engine, that the car we were in was not his nans (a quick note: we were all completely sober!) It was exactly same car, parked in the exactly the same position but one floor higher in the car park.

  • 11 – Number of times we were asked by locals to be in their photo (Unsure how many were taken without our consent ;))

We are now famous all around Asia!

  • 14 – Number of reflexology treatments

It’s a painful experience but it can work magic and after an hour of treatment we both slept like babies. I was lucky enough two of my treatments were done by really knowledgeable reflexologists, who gave me few health advice and tips. I think my liver will now love me more 🙂

  • 11- Number of days I went without washing my hair

Shame on me, but it was cold and we had no access to hot water!

  • 2 – Number of visits in a brothel and a strip club.

One unintentional visit in Kratie, Cambodia. So it happened that the best foot message we had been done in a brothel. On leaving the place I looked up and noticed a rather lonely looking red light hanging outside the building). Suddenly it made sense why all these men who entered, were taken up stairs straight away.

One intentional visit in Bangkok, Thailand. I will not go into details but we were in Bangkok. It was pretty boring but the cocktails were actually quite delicious.

And here are the best’s of…

Best ‘back to nature’ experience

  • New Zealand. Period. Whether its North or South Island New Zealand has got it all.

Milford Track, New Zealand

Rotorua, New Zeland

Rotorua, New Zealand

  • Best new experience

Snorkelling in Similan Islands, Thailand. The moment I had my head under the water and opened my eyes I was hooked on snorkeling.


Me discovering underwater world

  • Best scenic drives

It has to be Great Ocean Road in Australia and Arthur’s Pass in New Zealand. Worth every drop of rain and every dollar we spent on petrol.


12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

Arthur's Pass, New Zeland

Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand

  • Best people (Lou & Chris, Heidi, James & Jasmine, Fiona, Kate & Ryan, Viv & Zane & Henry)

If not for these guys there is no way we could afford to see their beautiful countries. They gave us shelter,  food and memories that will stay with us forever!

  • Best natural tumble dryer

I got used to wearing my t-shirt twice before I throw it in a wash. Besides washing on the road isn’t that tricky. It’s the drying can be a real pain in the butt. Here’s how to dry your clothes in New Zealand.

Very efficient way of drying our cloths

Very efficient way of drying cloths

  • Best money-saving idea

House sittings in Sydney. Finding a cheap accommodation in Sydney around Christmas \ NYE time is close to a miracle. So we registered our details on a house sitting website in Australia and within two days our accommodation was confirmed and booked. We ended up house sitting two cute cats that pooped around the house but hey if you are given FREE accommodation in Sydney we can deal with it!

  • Best desserts

Cendol and snow ice dessert. Shredded ice with beans, sweet corn, jellies, peanuts, fruits, puddings and sometimes topped with ice cream.


Yummy ice dessert, Cameron Highlands

  • Best flying experience

Let’s say flying isn’t my favourite method of transport but the scenic flight over Sydney and Palm Beach exceeded my expectations. It was an unexpected Christmas present from our Aussie friend Fiona.  Surprise surprise I actually loved it, but Tim pooped himself (just as the cats did).


Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Best temples

This has to be Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Cambodia. People spend up to 7 day discovering this huge area but we managed to see the most important temples in two days (first day with a guide and a tuk tuk, second day cycling and trying to avoid Chinese tour buses).


Bayon Temple

One of the gates at the complex

One of the gates at the complex

Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm Temple




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