Hanging out with locals at Temerloh



Last few days we spent in Temerloh was fun. It was a rather random choice for a stopover, but all we wanted was a town that was cheap with no tourist attractions and no hustle. Temerloh is only 1.5 hours away from KL and we decided to make it our base, hoping to catch up on our blogs and do a bit more planning before we depart for Indonesia. Little did we know, being the only tourists in town became a local attraction in its own right.

A very different cafe, almost as diffrent as we

A very different cafe in Temerloh. Almost as diffrent as we were 🙂

Our appearance at the cheap hotel by old town showed a disbelief on its owners faces. We flicked through the hotels guest book… no westerners been here for a long time. The hotel was under renovation but it was fine for our needs and after few minutes we checked into our room. The WiFi connection rocked as we where the only guests so I spent the day uploading my blog (yes, thank you Timmy for letting me use your tablet!).

Our hotel and favourite breakfast cafe

Our hotel and favourite breakfast cafe

The following day we strolled down the chinese part of town and sat in a small food place full of locals. Ordering food was a challenge but the moment my order was acknowledged and understood, everyone gave us a round of applause. (I’m still not sure whether they were clapping for me or the cook taking the order.)

And then just as we were munching away on delicious dumping soup, a man sat next to us. His name was Bernard and we became his international friends. Kings and Jim as they later called us.

Tim and Bernard

Tim and Bernard

The same evening we met Bernard at a restaurant of his recommendations, where we had the most tasty freshwater catfish fish, which in fact is a local delicacy and it’s considered one of the best freshwater fish in Malaysia and world. We chatted away and before we even realised we ended up at the karaoke night in Chinese community hall. No singing for me nor Tim… not just yet.

Not the best photo of the Patin fish so you have to believe me. It tasted heavenly.

Not the best photo of the Patin fish so you have to believe me. It tasted heavenly.

I was really taken by how nice and friendly everyone was and how they made us feel like a part of their community. Bernard took us around his house, introduced to his Wife, friends and (Ukrainian!!!) dog Jack.

But it was our last night in Temerloh that was the most memorable one. It’s not a secret that chinese love their karaoke and we got invited for another karaoke night held in Dragon Dance school (how amazing is that?!). We not only had a change to listen to some powerful Chinese voices but also to get a glimpse of traditional Dragon Dance outfits, well dragon heads mainly. Tim braved it and sang a Tom Jones number with Bernard too.


Our Coffee Master David turned our to be a great singer!

Photo time!

Photo time!

Paparazzi :)

Paparazzi 🙂

Timmy grabbed the mic..

Timmy grabbed the mic…

...but hold it too far away so no one could actually hear him singing!

…but hold it too far away so no one could actually hear him singing!

The real fun (not that watching Tim doing karaoke wasn’t amusing!) begun after we left the place and sat down for some tea in a restaurant opposite the road, a tradition with the group and an acknowledgement that we have been accepted as part of the karaoke  gang. It started with a group picture and ended up with us introducing our friends to S Beam transfer via Samsung’s smart phones, ‘phone kiss kiss’ as they called it. I let the photos tell the story….


Me trying to convince everyone about S Beam…


…and they didn’t want to believe me…


…until the two phones kissed and magic happened!


Our karaoke gang

Leaving Temerohn was sad but we celebrated our last breakfast having a traditional steam bread with butter and kaya (coconut jam!), enjoying the best coffee with the slowest service in Malaysia at David’s coffee stall! His motto “coffee too slow? Go over there” as he points to the shop across the road.

Steam bread with coconut jam

Steam bread with coconut jam

David, Coffee Master at work

David, Coffee Master at work

Thank you to all of our Temerloh friends, especially Bernard! We also keep our fingers crossed for anyone who played lottery today. Our combined age was used as a lucky number, so it better works!

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